A Slippery Guide To Lube

A Slippery Guide To Lube

Moist, slippery, wet, gooey, sticky, tasty, a lifesaver! These are merely a few words to describe one of the most important and simple sex aides: LUBRICANTS. Despite being a constant and massive seller in the adult industry (plus all major supermarkets & Boots), you’d be surprised how many out there do not know the varied differences this liquid substance comes in. We break it down into 5 main categories so that the next time you run out, you’d pop down to Vibez with confidence in exactly the lube you need to make sure all gears are running smoothly.


The king of lubes would have to be water-based lubricants! It is ideal for vaginal, male masturbation, and perfect for use with sex toys.

○ Made from water, water based lubes can be used with any material and offer a light, natural feel when used.

○ Water-based lubes won't stain the bed sheets, they are 100% safe to use with condoms, and they won’t interfere with contraception. Also important to note, water-based won’t muddy the surface of your ever faithful vibrator – something that’s VERY significant for you lovely ladies (and gentlemen) out there to know.

○ A couple of minor downsides would be that it will eventually dry as it’s absorbed through the skin. Although, it can be reinvigorated with a spritz of water or saliva, or better yet, get the largest size available as you can never have too much. Also, it could possibly leave you feeling sticky in the aftermath.

BEST FEATURE: Has multiple uses and has a natural feel for those partial to bare skin play


If you’re after something more long-lasting, then silicone lube is a perfect choice as a little really does go a long way to make this salutary liquid very kind on the bank balance.

○ Made from silicone (primarily Dimethicone) silicone lube will never dry out, It also leaves the skin feeling soft and supple. Silicone lubes are water-resistant and won’t leave you or your partner in a sticky sweaty heap on the bed.

○ Silicone lubes are safe to use with condoms and ideal for long-lasting lubrication during sex. Many people love silicone lube as it doesn't end up feeling clammy like a water-based lube potential could.

○ Although silicone lubes can be generally more expensive than water-based lube (silicone contains more expensive ingredients) you ultimately get a lot more for your money. Also, being waterproof, silicone lube can be a fantastic choice for fulfilling those naughty bathroom sex fantasies. You can even use it to shine up your favourite latex rubber outfits or masks.

○ It is important to note that silicone lubes cannot be used with silicone materials as they can degrade each other. Also, silicone lube is not compatible with silicone or real-feel sex toys BUT it is perfect for glass or plastic toys and ideal for sex.

BEST FEATURE: A small amount will see you through for awhile and it is also great for those wanting to feel soft and supple after use. 


Hybrid lubricants are swiftly becoming lube of choice for many out there. Its blend of two popular lubes make for a unique experience!

○ Made from a combination of water and silicone based lubricants, Hybrid lube offers the best of both lubricant worlds. Water-based for simplicity and easy cleanup, silicone for long-lasting glide and it won’t dry out, plus it washes out of most fabrics easily.

○ Many hybrid lubes come Paraben free, they are latex friendly and condom safe. It also has the added bonus of moisturising and conditioning the skin to leave it soft and smooth.

BEST FEATURE: The best benefits of both water and silicone based lubes.


The ever tasty flavoured lubes are water based and flavoured which make them perfect for ingestion and can be used to enhance the taste during oral sex!

○ Flavoured lubes are great for those who may be a bit shy or sensitive about giving blowjobs. It could be the taste or smell (stay fresh ladies and gentlemen) associated with someone else’s cock or vagina in your face, or you are a newbie to the joys of oral sex. No matter the reason, adding flavoured lube into the bedroom can make going down less scary and a lot more enticing.

○ Sex is a multi-sensory experience and flavoured lubes don’t just taste good but smell great too! Add further sensory fun into the mix by having a gorgeously delicious smell lingering in the air while you get down to business.

○ Although flavoured lubricants are very pleasant scents and generally sugar-free, some will have used sugar to sweeten and that is something that could wreak havoc with your genitals and introduce bacteria and feed yeast, particularly if you’re sensitive to those little buggers. Always read the label before buy.

BEST FEATURE: Water based and flavoured for amazing tastes and smells during sex.


Organic lubricants aren’t as well known as their counterparts; however, they pack a hell of a punch from all of the best Mother Nature has to offer!

○ Organic lubes are mostly botanically infused lubricants which are fully natural and entirely glycerin and paraben free and contains no sugar derivatives. Other major benefits are that they are naturally derived, hypoallergenic for sensitive skins, ph balanced neutral, water-based and water-soluble making it very easy to clean up, 100% Vegan-friendly, and no risk of irritation or infection especially important for those out there susceptible to irritation.

○ Most, if not all organic lubes are created using only the most natural and cleanest ingredients and are usually designed to keep your most intimate areas soft and moisturized as while as healing and soothing your skin.

BEST FEATURE: 100% natural and free of chemicals or anything that isn’t natural and is perfect for those conscious minded buyers.



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