Hi there


Thank you for taking the time to check out our amazing new website and adult boutique. We are DELIGHTED to have been nominated for the ETO awards Best Individual Store and would like to invite you to the Vibez shopping experience!


We originally opened the shop as an unlicensed store in 2005. It was founded by me, Tracey Whitmore and my husband David. Vibez is a family run business and as a result we are very passionate about being able to bring you the best products on the adult market today.


At Vibez we pride ourselves on our outstanding customer service.


Our original idea was to change the face and idea of sex shops in our area, in the past, sex shops have had a very seedy image and we wanted to provide an atmosphere which was more couple and women friendly with relaxing, beautiful surroundings.


The store is in a large, new warehouse unit approx 2000sq feet. We added the second floor for dvds when we received our license and this now provides a discreet and private area for customers wishing to browse and purchase R18 . Our design has been developed to create a stunning boutique style store. We have tried to emulate the look of the store on our website, and hope you enjoy the relaxed, shopping experience......


When customers first enter the shop they are greeted by the fragrance of fresh lilies and orchids which are beautifully featured along with burlesque style antique furniture and butterflies! Everything has a luxurious look to it and customers actually "gasp" when they enter, this is an enormous compliment for us. All our customers comment on how beautiful the store is and mention that it is the best they have ever seen. They are really quite shocked at what a pleasant experience it can be. They are also very grateful for the help and advice which is always on hand if needed, and we are always very keen for customers to taste, smell and touch everything!


We offer a complete range of adult products, including all the well known and reputable brands, and we have endeavoured to bring you only the finest quality products on the market today. If however, you do not immediately see what you require, please contact us as we will do our best to source any product for you.


We are constantly updating and changing with the times and are very sensitive to our customers needs.


We would love to thank all our wonderful customers who have supported and helped us over the years.


Thank you again, we hope you enjoy your Vibez shopping experience....



Contact us at sales@vibezadultboutique.co.uk