A-Spot: The Female Prostate, What Is It?



What is it?


The A-spot is a pleasure point located deep inside the vagina between the cervix and the bladder.


More specifically, it is known as the anterior fornix erogenous zone and it’s about two inches higher than the G-spot.



The female prostate?


The A-spot is sometimes referred to as the female prostate due to it’s similar location as the prostate (P-Spot) in those who were assigned male at birth.


The famous G-spot is also referred to in this way as both A & G spots are incredibly close together.


The A-spot is along the front vaginal wall, about 4-6 inches back but of course, variation is to be expected as everyone’s internal structure is different and unique to them.




How do I find it?


The A-spot is located along the front vaginal wall, roughly two inches deeper inside the vaginal canal than the G-spot.


It’s usually stimulated by making a come-hither motion with your fingers inside your vagina, or with penetration angled at your front vaginal wall.


It may be hard to reach with only your fingers. Using a suitable vibrator or wand toy that’s at least 5 inches long will be beneficial as well as having a partner whose penis or fingers are long enough.




Despite being called a spot and many having experienced it as such; it’s important to note that many find the A-spot to be a pleasure zone due to the number of nerve endings in that area that can be pleasurable to touch.



Find your own pleasure: A-spot or not!


Though A-spot stimulation can be a very sexy and intense way to orgasm.


It is completely fine if you don’t like A-spot play. There’s many more erogenous zones to discover and experiment with!


Always explore your own pleasure in your own time and at your own comfort level.



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