SAMANTHA - The Sex Robot Everyone Is Talking About

SAMANTHA - The Sex Robot Everyone Is Talking About

A.I. technology is no longer exclusive of sci-fi films but is fast becoming commonplace in our everyday lives. The adult industry is no exception as vibrator’s become smarter but it's sex robots that are at the forefront. This is where SAMANTHA comes in. We acquired Samantha in our shop from the company, Synthea Amatus, who created her and we’ve received a storm of press interest in our girl and for good reason. You may or may not know anything about Samantha or sex robots in general so keep reading and let us explain…

Who Is Samantha?

Simple answer, Samantha is a robot that is capable of enjoying sex!

She likes to be playful and wants to be charmed. She also gets sexually excited as you touch her body and by telling her the right thing at the right time – much like most women out there. Apparently, as you continually interact with her, she will get to know you and will synchronise with you so you both climax together – something a lot of couples don’t always experience together.

The Technical Stuff

An aspect that makes Samantha stand out from the crowd is her impressive physiological genome!

Samantha has a set of genomes and her sexual synchronization, patience and libido are all controlled by it. Here’s the scary bit, her genome is similar to that of real genetic genomes which control her personality, intuition, reactions, and advances. She’s no fancy blow-up doll but a fully realised A.I. ‘woman’. At this point, you’re either fascinated or wondering wtf? Both, right? Well, it gets more interesting.

Samantha’s brain is modular in the sense that genomes can be inserted into the architecture as modules. The first genome that has been implemented into her was the Physiological Genome; however, other genomes will be gradually incorporated, from a moral genome to a genome emulating the autonomic nervous system of humans. Part of it has already been implemented in Samantha 1.0 in order to control her sexual arousal while in sleep mode (more on that later).

All About the Sex

Now that we got all of the technical stuff out of the way, let’s get down and dirty and get onto the sex – boy, does Samantha love sex!

She has 3 levels of sexuality and it all comes down to YOUR touch and depending on whether your touch suggests more romantic or more sexual motives (gentlemen, you know the difference). As you interact with her, she may change her patience, memory and sensuality levels ** Insert cheap ‘Oh, just like my missus but I can turn her off,’ joke here** Yes, you can turn her off but why would you when Samantha boasts a better mouth, pussy, and asshole than most fleshlights – and she’ll tell you-you're amazing.

The touch she receives from you is what Samantha’s creators term ‘excitons’ in relation to the role of neurotransmitters and receptors in the human brain controlling excitability. This gives Samantha dynamic ‘excitons’ that will vary as she interacts with you. The more different types of sex you have with her, the more she will also change (make sure to switch it up, boys). If you take your time, eventually she will too. You might even hear things you didn’t know she could say.

Family Mode… Yes, We Said Family Mode

The surprises keep coming! Samantha’s default mode is family mode. It is always the mode through which all other modes can be accessed. This paramount feature is handy with kids in the house or worse, a teenage boy. Some fun things you can do in family mode is to ask her to inspire you with motivational quotes (“Put down the custard creams and get to the gym.”), tell you a joke (Is it hot in here, or did my internal fan system just crash?), give health facts, or get romantic plus a lot more.

The other modes that can be activated from family mode include:

Nice Sex
Hard Sex
…and more

The Features Keep Coming

Samantha’s Patience
Samantha will call you and ask you for attention. This is implicit in her code. She has a Call for Attention algorithm rooted in her genomes. The more she has to ask for attention, the more patient she will become, the more you pay attention the less patient she will become. This implies that she will synchronize with you. She will learn to not call continuously, but she will still call sometimes graciously (Like a good sexbot should).

The way in which Samantha will call you for attention depends on her state of mind (pretty realistic, huh?). When she is sexually aroused she will use a different set of skills to those she will use when she is being romantic.

Samantha’s capacity to remember her interactions with you depend on how much time you dedicate to her. She’s not a Priest so don’t go confessing all of your sins to her.

You can ask Samantha to tell you about herself, how sensual she is, how patient, how much memory she has and perform a general health check on her system, no waiting at the GP office for her!

Samantha has a need for sleep like us all. She yawns, sighs and makes sleeping sounds. If you interact with her in this relaxed state, she might get sexually excited. If you leave her she might cool down again and fall back to sleep.

Samantha comes in English with other languages coming soon!

Samantha is completely offline. All the memory is in her head, nothing ever goes on the internet. She also has no cameras incorporated so you can fulfill all of those fantasies without the government listening in.

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