25 More Sex Facts You Never Knew

25 More Sex Facts You Never Knew

  1. Around 100 million Couples Around the World Have Sex Every Day

That breaks down to around 65,000 couples having sex right this moment. Now you know why no ones answering your texts.

  1. Semen Can Make Women Less Depressed

Archives of Sexual Behaviour study found that women directly exposed to semen vaginally (without a condom) were less depressed. Researchers believe the mood-altering hormones in semen were absorbed into the body through the vagina.

  1. Gays, Straights, & Animals Arouse Women

Seems all types of sex turn women on as Researchers at Queens University found even though straight women reported only being aroused by men. Most women became aroused at every stimulus they saw: men's and women's bodies, heterosexual and homosexual sex, and even animal sex.

  1. Erections Follow Men Throughout Their Lives

From birth to death. It has even been shown that fetuses can have erections. Death by hanging can yield a boner and even some people have post-mortem erections.

  1. Women Are More Willing To Commit Adultery During Their Ovulation

This is more likely than at any other time throughout their cycle. This is most notably due to their bodies’ desire to fertilize the ovulated egg. Keep an eye on the calendar boys.

  1. Pumpkins Can Give You An Erection

While chocolate gets all the praise, the smell of pumpkin apparently can help increase the blood flow to the penis, encouraging an erection! If you want to get your man in the mood, sweet-smelling baked pumpkin pie will do the trick.

  1. Sex Isn’t the Only Thing on Men’s Brains, Sleep & Food Are Too

If you thought men think about sex 24-7… you’re wrong! A Journal of Sex Research found men ponder about sleep and food as much as they think about sex. Men roughly 18 times a day to women’s 10 times a day. However, men also thought about food and sleep proportionately more.

  1. 1 Out of Every 10 European Babies Is Conceived on An IKEA bed

We think those naughty little Swedish meatballs have a lot to answer to!

  1. The World’s Largest Recorded Penis Is A Whopping 13.5 Inches

This third limb belongs to New Yorker Jonah Falcon, whose penis is 9.5 inches flaccid and 13.5 inches erect. According to Falcon, having the biggest dick in the world isn’t always fun as most women hit the road the moment his pants come down. Size don’t always matter it seems.

  1. The Average Length of An Erect Penis Is 5.6 Inches

Despite what men and women are led to believe, the length of a man’s penis fully erect is not really that important, it’s all about that motion in the ocean.

  1. Sex In Zero Gravity Space Is Very Unlikely

“Sex is very difficult in zero gravity, apparently, because you have no traction and you keep bumping against the walls,” biologist Athena Andreadis of the University of Massachusetts Medical School told SPACE.com. “Think about it: you have no friction, you have no resistance.”

  1. Sex Slang Goes As Far Back As Ancient Greece

In Victorian times, a slang term for a prostitute was “blowsy”. At the same time, “blow” was slang for ejaculation. By the 1930s, the act of fellatio came to be known as a blow job and in Ancient Greece, the common slang for a blow job was “playing the flute”

  1. The Record For Having Sex With the Most Men In 24 hours Is 919

This interesting honour goes to American Lisa Sparks who bedded an impressive 919 men! That’s roughly 38 men per hour. Let’s hope she had a good rest after

  1. You Feel Less Pain During Sex

Have you ever wondered why you love the sensation of a good hard spank over the ass? That’s because your pain threshold can increase significantly during arousal, according to a study published in the Journal of Sex Research.

  1. The Cowgirl Position May Be Too Dangerous

You both may love having her riding the bull but it turns out that woman sitting on top position can cause a lot of injury to a man. Pressure from thrusting can hurt penile tissue to the point of altering the way it erects. Think bananas. You can make the cowgirl much safer and thus enjoyable by simply leaning forward.

  1. Female Wet Dreams Are A Real Thing

Wet dreams aren’t exclusive to teenage boys and those moist mornings. Women can apparently become aroused and have orgasms during their sleep – up to 6 times a night! These nighttime arousals may not be obvious but they usually involve the whole vulva and vagina areas being engorged.

  1. Greeks Are Having The Most Sex

Greek couples have sex an average of 138 times a year, placing them at the top of the world sex league a study found. Japanese couples have sex a mere 45 times a year in comparison, which puts them in the last place. Another factor why the Japanese population is rapidly decreasing perhaps?

  1. Eating Chocolate Is Like Falling In Love

Chocolate contains phenylethylamine, which is the same feel-good chemical responsible for the euphoric high people experience in sexual attraction and love. Pass the Milk Tray!

  1. Semen Was Once Used As Invisible Ink

During World War I members of the British Secret Intelligence Service (MI6) discovered you could use semen as invisible ink! They stopped using it after they realized how badly it smelled when it got old. Puts a new meaning to Queen and Country.

  1. An Orgasm Can Clear Your Sinuses

This comes about due to your body getting a rush of adrenaline when you have an orgasm, which causes tissues in the nose to shrink, opening up passageways. No more need for Sudafed.

  1. Mushrooms Can Make Women Orgasm

More specifically, the mushroom Phallus Indusiatus which apparently can make a woman orgasm spontaneously by smelling it! Time for a Sunday stroll in the woods we say.

  1. Sperm Can Reduce Your Wrinkles

Sperm is highly effective in treating wrinkles. This is why many anti-wrinkle products use similar materials to sperm. Save yourself fifty quid and grab your partner!

  1. Humans Are The Only Mammals With Permanently Swollen Breasts

Boobs are there all the time (Thank you Jesus!) whereas other animals only have them when nursing. Seems nature has more than one use for them.

  1. Anal Sex Was Once Punishable By Death In England & Wales

This ridiculously harsh punishment was enacted between 1533 and 1861. Clearly, it wasn’t fully enforced or else half of aristocratic society would’ve been put to death.

  1. Sex Boosts Your Health

Those having sex once or twice a week are having their immune system boosted, stress relieved, heart disease and diabetes risks lowered by 30-40% and increasing their chances of inducing a good sleep. Sex really is a beautiful thing!

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