The Big “O” – Sex Facts About The Male Orgasm

The Big “O” – Sex Facts About The Male Orgasm

Gentlemen, we all know that feeling. Heavy breaths, tightening muscles, toes wiggling uncontrollably and then… BAM! Have a fag, maybe a nap - happy days. There’s actually a fair amount of interesting information regarding the male orgasm that you most likely don’t know so let’s have a look at some fun facts all about the male orgasm!

An Orgasm Can Get You HIGH

Stop wasting hours waiting for the green-man and grab your cock! It turns out that brain scans on men experiencing orgasms have shown that the most excited brain region during climax is the ventral tegmental region. It is packed with receptors for neurotransmitters associated with reward. The same area of the brain lights up like Piccadilly Circus on a Saturday night when heroin users shoot up, Danish researchers have discovered.

So, why are orgasms as pleasurable as taking smack? “Because ejaculation introduces sperm into the female reproductive tract, it would be critical for reproduction of the species to favour ejaculation as a most-rewarding behaviour,” writes study author Gert Holstege, M.D., Ph.D.

You Can Get Her Pregnant Without Orgasming

Not thinking of popping down to Vibez to pick up a pack of condoms? STOP. Reconsider that choice because, during foreplay and sex, most men release a pre-ejaculate, which is a fluid that helps lubricate intercourse and clears out your urethra to allow the semen to travel through without obstruction. That familiar sticky fluid was analysed and published in the journal for Human Fertility and it found that 41% of guys produced pre-ejaculate that contained sperm—up to 40 million of the little buggers! It only takes one of little Johnny’s swimmers to make a baby (as you well know) so be sure to keep those fairly high odds in mind if reproducing is the last thing on your mind.

Men Can Have Multiple Orgasms Too If You're Lucky!

It turns out those lucky ladies aren’t the only ones who can enjoy the pleasure of multiple orgasms. For most men, the typical refractory period (the time between your last orgasm and when you'll be able to reload the water gun again) is anywhere from a few minutes to a whole hour. However, 15% - 20% of men surveyed for the infamous Kinsey reports (books on human sexual behaviour) claimed to have had multiple orgasms, and according to Masters and Johnson, some men reported they can climax again after just 60 seconds! Although these will be non-ejaculatory orgasms, it’s still an impressive post-game result!

Post-Orgasms Are Better With A Partner

We all know solo sessions are great fun, but after an orgasm, the body releases a hormone called Prolactin. It basically shuts off your sex drive for up to an hour. This is why that Pornhub clip of big tit Sally talking dirty and moaning immediately bores you. However, a team of Scottish researchers found that both men and women release 400% more Prolactin after intercourse compared to a masturbation-induced orgasm, just another reason why post-sex spooning still feels fantastic.

Some Men Fake Their Orgasms

Before you judge a woman for faking her orgasm have a read of this: University of Kansas researchers surveyed college students and found that a surprising 28% of men had faked an orgasm with their partner. Roughly one-third said they’d been too drunk to orgasm, and almost half said their main reason for faking it was because they wanted to go to sleep. Because the male orgasm usually coincides with ejaculation (although not always), you’d think it would be difficult to fool your partner, right? Well, men have a few tricks up their sleeves, such as, moaning louder and speeding up those rabbit thrusts. Some men even reported that they hid or discarded their condom.

It is important to note that most of the men who faked it had been in a committed relationship at the time of the survey, so they were likely more worried about hurting their partner’s feelings than making the lovemaking session count – wham, bam, thank you, ma’am, clearly isn’t always the case.

You Might Not Enjoy Orgasming

… and that comes down to a thing called “Anhedonia” which refers to the inability to experience pleasure from an activity that is normally considered pleasurable. People with orgasmic anhedonia (also called pleasure dissociative orgasmic dysfunction or PDOD) are unable to feel pleasure when they climax. Orgasmic anhedonia doesn’t affect sex drive, however, and people with the condition still feel driven to have sex and men can still ejaculate, the difference is that the pleasure is missing. Experts believe that orgasmic anhedonia occurs because of a problem with neurochemicals in the brain, particularly dopamine.

It’s also possible orgasmic anhedonia could be linked to psychological issues such as depression or addiction. It could also be connected to medications, high prolactin levels, or low testosterone. Sexual stimulation can still be received, but there’s a disconnect between the sensation and the part of the brain that recognizes that sensation as pleasurable. Fortunately, it’s fairly rare in men, but when the condition does strike, book an appointment with your doctor asap.

Orgasms May Cure Headaches

Is stress at work giving you a headache? Have an orgasm! An orgasm floods your brain with endorphins (those fantastic feel-good neurotransmitters) and they are powerful pain blockers. Researchers in Germany investigated whether having a spooge during a migraine helps relieve the nauseating pain. Their study reported that one-third of patients had powered through sex despite an unpleasant headache, and of those, 60% said they felt better post-coitus.

2 Minutes Counts As Premature & 7 Minutes Is Average

The majority of men out there have experienced the dreaded pre-jack! Experts define premature ejaculation as sexual intercourse that lasts two minutes or less before climax occurs. Funny enough, a two-minute masturbation session is the point at which most men reach the edge of the cliff so to speak. While many men promise you loving all night long, the average man takes seven minutes to orgasm through sexual intercourse.

Orgasms Make You Sleepy

There's a reason you feel sleepy after sex (or even after an extended solo session). The brain releases a hormone called Prolactin at orgasm. As well as shutting off your sex drive it can also promote feelings of sleepiness. But that's no excuse for rolling over and snoring and forgetting your partner!

Orgasm & Ejaculation Aren't The Same Thing

You may not have learned this one in Biology class but it's true – men are capable of climaxing without ejaculating seminal fluid. In fact, a small percentage of men have dry orgasms only, as opposed to the majority who are blessed with both.


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